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Thread: Using the Calendar on the Home page

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    Default Using the Calendar on the Home page

    Hi everyone -

    For a quick look at our upcoming field trips just click on the calendar on the upper left side of the Home page. You can see all the field trips listed for that month. Towards the bottom of that page you can change which month you'd like to view. One more tool to help you plan your birding field trips!
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    FYI - the field trips are only visible on the calendar if you are logged in

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    Default Calendar is now available to non-registered users

    I made changes to the Website to allow calendar events to be available to anyone who has not logged in. The "Mini Calendar" at the top right of our home page will now allow anyone to click on the "month" link Mary Lee refers to and it will take them to the page with all the calendar events listed for that month. You can also click the "Calendar" link near the top-center of the home page to view all our events as well.

    Regards, Michael Francis

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