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Thread: Photos from visit.

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    Default Photos from visit.

    Hi everyone,
    I've processed all my images from my trip to the VCDB. Thanks again for all the tips on where to find these birds, as well as finding other birds in the Fort Worth area.

    Here is the link:

    I got some decent photos at the beds and enjoyed every bit of it!!! I will definitely go again on my next visit.

    Enjoy and good birding.

    ~Mitchell Pruitt, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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    lulubelle Guest


    Mitchell, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit here! I took at the photos in your gallery and really enjoyed your photos! Give a shout next time you come back our way.

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    very nice shots .... come back anytime .... we let most folks from Ark in for free .... getting out could cost!

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    I'm glad yall like the pictures. You can see them all at


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