I got a phone call from a friend, and the person who was very instrumental in expediting the process of getting water back in the Beds. A very articulate letter was written Jan. 1st to Betsy Price imploring the need to bring back water to the Village Creek Drying Beds. It was passed on to Steve Nutter of Ft. Worth Water Dept. and on January 5th, the water began flowing. It is understood why it was not completed the first time it was turned on, as the Ft. Worth Water Dept. had a contractual obligation to golf courses, and ran into problems. We may now enjoy birding the Beds once again, thanks to the powers that be, and a certain pro-active proponent of getting this going again! The ducks are back. I went last night to witness at sunset, and the habitat is almost restored to its former glory. Cheers, Maria Panagopoulos