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Thread: Regional Science & Engineering Fair judges needed

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    Default Regional Science & Engineering Fair judges needed

    For several years, FWAS has been an Assistant Level Sponsor at the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Along with our sponsorship, we are asked to judge studentís projects for a Special Award Conservation category. We have learned that showing interest in a young personís work is a great way to inspire them to continue their studies in scientific fields. Many of the students have exceeded my expectations in the quality of their work. However, there are many projects to evaluate and having a small team of volunteers really helps. FWAS Education Chair Jim Jones has been fortunate in the last 5 years with getting 6 or more volunteers to assist us.

    The science fair is held at UT Arlington on February 16 & 17 (a Friday & Saturday this year instead of Sunday & Monday as in past years). Judging will be held on Saturday morning between 8:30 AM and noon. There is a continental breakfast set out for us before judging begins at 9:00. They also offer us a great luncheon as we go over our notes and select a winner from the Middle School and High School levels.

    On a side note: if you happen to be a working or retired professional in one of the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) they also are asking for volunteers in other categories. If you are interested in helping FWAS, or would like to see what other categories are available, please send an email to

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    Right now Jim Jones has 5 volunteers and can use a couple more, so please get in tough with him if you can spare some time to volunteer for our education outreach. After all, free food is involved. ;-)

    Besides the above E-mail address for Jim, you can text/call him at 817-915-6089.

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