Optics and Technology for Bird Watching by Jim Jones

Join us December 14th as Jim Jones will share his knowledge about the huge equipment selection available to enhance our bird watching experience. The discussion will include optics (binoculars and spotting scopes), photography (DSLRs and digi-scoping), audio (recorders and hearing-enhancement), and digital bird identification resources (desktop / smartphone software and on-line.) Jim asks that our more experienced members take part by sharing what works for them. Please bring in your favorite optics to allow others to sample. Jim will set up target items to let folks see the differences in magnification, light and field-of-view

Jim Jones Bio

Jim Jones has been a member of Fort Worth Audubon Society since 1999. His love of nature and photographing the outdoors began long before he moved to Texas in 1998. He grew up in the Appalachian mountains in north central Pennsylvania, spending most of his teenage summers as a counselor at Boy Scout camps and on scouting trips. At 17 he joined the Navy to see the world, and hasn’t stopped exploring. Work and vacation travels have taken him to 47 US states, 8 Canadian provinces, 11 European nations, and while working in the Middle East he vacationed and explored Nepal, India, and Kenya.

Jim admits that he wasn’t a serious bird watcher until he moved to Texas. And having spent 6 years in the Navy, most of that at sea, the very idea of a Pelagic trip is still not appealing. For many of his adventures, Jim would carry local wildlife field guides, but only to casually answer "what’s that?" Now, living in a state with over 630 regular avian visitors, Jim has elevated his "what’s that" moments to finding ways to get more people involved with caring for our wildlife neighbors.
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