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Thread: Tundra Swans and other goodies around Fort Worth

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    Default Tundra Swans and other goodies around Fort Worth

    I'm sure this is all over some FaceBook pages, but I thought I'd post about the fact that there are two Tundra Swans at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. I'm not sure how long they've been there, or what particular part of the park they are located at, but the visitor's center volunteers can tell you. Other sightings of note are a Pacific Loon off the Lake Benbrook dam (last seen 12/5 from what I could tell). This area tends to be good for the rarer Red-throated Loons and Pacific Loons, so it's always good to be on the look-out for these in winter months. There are also Horned Grebes to be found from the dam for those that need this species. The Benbrook area is also blessed with White-tailed Kite, Prairie Falcon, Merlin, and Short-eared Owl off Winscott-Plover Road (access from opposite side of RR 1187 from Mustang Park). Maybe someone who has more details can post a reply.

    Warmest regards, Michael

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    I just read of sightings of Harris Hawk at the Village Creek Drying Beds (VCDB) as well as LeConte's Sparrows. It's nice to have a place for LeConte's in Tarrant County as a couple of old reliable places in Benbrook have been without for many years, now. The Harris Hawk apparently took off towards nearby River Legacy Park so it could be around there anywhere.


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    Now a Trumpeter Swan has shown up to give the Tundra swans at the Fort Worth Nature center some company. All three swans are being seen together. Michael Perez, Natural Scientist Supervisor working there, says to park at the lot just past the Canoe Launch, then go east (right) on the Riverbottom Trail away from the Canoe Launch, then look in the water to the west (left).

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