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    Thayer Birding Software offers its Thayer's Birds of North America version 7.5.

    If you have come to our monthly general meetings, you may have seen me use this software during the Pre-meeting Bird ID Classes. The program
    includes all 993 birds of North America, 6,542 color photos, 1,505 songs and calls, 552 videos and the most recent 2017 taxonomic updates. I have also used the internal application to create audio bird song files to upload to my mp3 and/or smart phone for specific fieldtrips.

    Go to and select the version for your PC (Windows or Mac).
    Then select either 'Download' for $49.95, or 'USB Flash drive' for $69.95. (these are the pre-sale prices...)

    Note: Peter Thayer recommends getting the flash drive if you live in an area with slow internet speeds.
    I ordered the downloaded version. The program and data download includes 6-zip files, each over 1-gigabite in size!

    FWAS does not normally endorse products on this forum, this bird-related software promotion is by me only.
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