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Thread: Rufous-backed Robin at Palo Duro Canyon SP (October 28th, 2017 weekend)

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    Happy Blue Bird Rufous-backed Robin at Palo Duro Canyon SP (October 28th, 2017 weekend)

    One of our members (Amanda Brochu) emailed the FWAS webmaster to report that she observed a Rufous-backed Robin at Palo Duro Canyon SP last weekend. Amanda added that she contacted Eric Carpenter (Rare Bird Committee) and was told there have only been 28 previous sightings.

    I told Amanda that I would start this thread and asked if she could provide more location details (such as a campsite or trail location.)
    Amanda also has photos and said she will share with us.

    I also found this posting on TexBirds submitted by Christian Walker (from Irving): "...At about noon we stopped by the birdblind/feeding station in the park. I walked up and started chatting with a photographer when I noticed a thrush drinking water from behind the waterfeature. As I put my bins on it I realized it was a Rufous-backed Robin,complete with bright orange bill and eyering, white throat with bold dark streaking,and rufous-orange back and belly." (I wonder if Amanda was with Chris's group?)
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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    I was not with Christian - but Eric Carpenter with Texas Birds did say another had sited the bird and reported. I don't think they had a picture though. I also saw at the bird blind about 5 pm . Here are my two best photos of bird. The blind is located just behind the Trading Post Store down in the floor of canyon.

    Amanda Brochu

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