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Thread: April 20-22, 2018 Rio Grande Valley: TRIP IS FULL

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    Default April 20-22, 2018 Rio Grande Valley: TRIP IS FULL


    Join Charley Amos on a trip to Rio Grande Valley next Spring.
    We'll hit the hotspots with local species and hope the migrants choose our days to head north via the LRGV.
    Staying in east McAllen with a great rate on rooms. Carpool or meet us there.

    Begin birding early Friday morning. End birding Monday at noon

    gimbloom at
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    So if it's full, can I get on a waiting list? Charley is my Master Naturalist mentor and I'd really like to go!
    Chris Castoro

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    Chris, I'm not sure if you had a reply on this as yet, but I'll make sure you get on the waiting list.

    Warmest regards, Michael Francis

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