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Thread: April, 2018: "Birding the Border" hosted by TX A&M AgriLife Extension

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    Default April, 2018: "Birding the Border" hosted by TX A&M AgriLife Extension

    We received the following announcement in our FWAS Contact email:

    Hello Fort Worth Audubon,

    I am a Wildlife Specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and I would like to let y’all know about an educational birding program that I am holding next year. This program is called “Birding the Border” and is co-hosted by Kinney County Extension. We will bird in Kinney and Val Verde counties on a mixture of public and private lands, looking for rare species and southwest specialties.
    Visit our website,

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and happy birding!

    Maureen Frank, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor & Extension Wildlife Specialist
    Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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    In case anyone is interested, I asked a few more questions...

    We are staying at a hotel in Bracketville. The hotel price is the same for all guests because we are already being given a group discount. There are no other hotels in Bracketville, but of course you are welcome to choose the ‘no lodging’ option if you can find a cheaper place on base or elsewhere.
    We will have a vegetarian option but not a vegan option.
    Yes, we will do the field trips rain or shine! We may change the itinerary a bit if it rains so that attendees can still see lots of birds.
    Yes, all the guides are volunteer! Most of the cost of the trip goes toward the expenses of the trip itself: food, lodging, transportation, etc. The remainder will go towards county programs in Kinney Co. and towards regional youth birding programs throughout southwest Texas.
    Yes, each field trip will last the full day.
    Yes, there is a limit of 18 people for this tour.
    Gail Morris
    World: 880 species
    ABA: 700 species
    Last lifer: White-tailed Tropicbird
    Last addition to Texas list: Flame-colored tanager (#536)

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