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    we ventured out to the drying beds this morning and saw quite a few birds. Attached is a photo of a brown bird with slightly yellowish belly that I couldn't identify. We saw a small bird with a dark black head and bright red belly. There is a photo attached, but it's not really good quality. It did not appear to us to be a robin looking through the binoculars. Maybe someone familiar with the birds that are there this time of year has an idea.
    What a great place to view wildlife! We saw a little skunk enjoying the wet grass and a large wild pig with 3 little piglets.... along with plenty of birds!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0616.jpg   IMG_0613.jpg  
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    Both photos are on the small side, but your brown bird with the yellow belly looks like a Dickcissel. From posture, color, and shape, the bird with the black head and red belly is probably a male Orchard Oriole.


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    Blaine, thank you so much! I know the images were not the best, but I am sure you nailed it with orchard oriole. I looked that bird up and that is definitely the shape and size of bird we saw. Right colors too. Also I thought maybe the other was a dickcissel. I am new to birding and Texas, and I am thrilled to have this group as a resource.

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