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    I don't think egrets are uncommon, but did you know every evening around 7 pm at the north end of Lake Weatherford egrets fly in to the brush by the hundreds? You can sit at the city park area and watch them come in 10, 15, 20 at a time. It's beautiful. One evening they came in all together, probably 200 of them. You also regularly see redwinged blackbirds, kingfishers, cardinals, scissortail flycatchers, and a beautiful white name a few of the frequent flyers. We took our kayak out on the lake and it was quite a site.
    I don't know why there have chosen that spot. I am a recent transplant from Florida and they were very common year round there. I hope they stay around here.

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    Thanks for sharing - it's always fun to find where these birds congregate, so long as it's not in your neighborhood. ;-)

    Regards, Michael

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