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Thread: 2017 Scavenger Hunt

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    Bird 2017 Scavenger Hunt

    Nine early birds met Saturday morning July 15th for the 2017 FWAS Scavenger Hunt. After running over the rules, they ran over each other driving out of Al's Hamburgers parking lot [ Just kidding! Kind of...] to see who got what, where, and how many. Many Tarrant County Hot and Not-So-Hot Spots were visited, perused and stalked for all species great and small: Viridian, River Legacy East, The Drying Beds where every respectable birder went so we had 2 unrespectable birders [ just kidding...], Kelly Park, Pappy Elkins Park, Cement Creek, Ft. Worth Nature Center and Refuge, Northwest Community Park, central Arlington sub- station, Wichita St. Sub-station, Sonora Park and , of course, the anywhere at any time Side-of-the-Road. Specie count was low this year with only 82. But the fun and enthusiasm was high! And the results are IN!
    Thelma and Louise a.k.a. Missy Mc Kerr and Paula Channell Without Brad Pitt 149 pts
    Fowl Play Jay and Jessica Rotter 123 pts
    Jo and She Jody Gollihugh and Sheila Shallcross 74 pts
    The Dodo Birds Tom Haase, Larry Peterson and Bill Huffman 70 pts
    Sheila had the bird-of-the-day, a Yellow-headed Blackbird at the central Arlington Substation- You went, girl!

    The Rotters donated a trophy of solid gold and a huge amethyst crystal which the gold cup sat on.
    Just kidding, but it was pretty cool and very thoughtful of them! Really, there was a trophy and Thelma has possession of it since I couldn't take her down...

    ANYWAY! Make plans to join us next year and add to the fun and adventure!

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    It was a lot of fun! Thanks for organizing it, Louise! Thanks for getting the trophy, team Fowl Play!
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