Through the Reliant EcoShare program, Reliant Energy customers have a simple way to support the environment and lower their carbon footprint, and well as support FWAS. This program involves the customers of Reliant purchasing carbon offsets and contributing to EarthShare of Texas. The entire portion of Reliant customer's money going to EarthShare is distributed to the members of EarthShare as Reliant covers both their and EarthShare's administrative cost.

What does this mean for FWAS, you might ask? Money from Reliant’s EcoShare program goes to EarthShare of Texas, which then distributes money to the Audubon Foundation of Texas, which then distributes funds to FWAS as well as other Audubon chapters in Texas. So, if you are a Reliant Energy customer, please consider signing up for their EcoShare program. We’ve been told this could bring as much as $1,000 a year to our chapter!

To find out all the details, please go to the Reliant Energy Website through the following link: