The Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge are sponsoring a one-of-a-kind bus trip to Big Bend National Park in far southwest Texas at the end of August, 2017. The "Friends" Website starts with a description of their trip as follows:

A naturalist led trip to Big Bend National Park in late August. Why Big Bend then? It is toward the end of the rainy season and it is very pleasant in the mountains as well as the most reliable time to see wildflowers. The summer residents are there and maybe some early fall migrants might be coming through. Granted it will get hot in the low desert. The average August temperature is 92 taken at the headquarters which is about mid- elevation. The lower elevations are 5-10 degrees or more hotter and the mountains are 5-10 degrees cooler. We will be headed back to the mountains by noon each day to have lunch and a siesta. The bus will always be close to us if you need to take a break from the heat.

Big Bend NP covers over 800,000 acres and is part of the Chihuahuan Desert Biosphere Reserve. Habitats range from river and floodplain through low, mid and high deserts, grasslands and mountain forest. There are over 1200 plant species, 11 species of amphibians, 56 species of reptiles, 40 species of fish, 75 species of mammals, over 400 species of birds, and about 3,600 species of insects making the park one of the most biologically diverse ‘deserts’ in the world.

Please go to the following link on the "Friends" Website for their Itinerary and pricing:

Time is running out, so get your reservations in soon!