As some of you have noticed, we occasionally will move older Forum postings to the Archive. I finished moving all posts in the Bird Observation & Reports folders prior to 2015 to the Bird Observations Archive. I also created a new folder for Old History of Events and Festivals. Many of these events are annual affairs but do not get added to our forum on a regular basis.

I have to individually select the post to move and I noted that many postings have great value if someone new to our area wished to locate a good birding spot for specific species. That got me wondering how to find and read old posts. I had the best luck by clicking on the Advanced Search button in the tab header at the top of this window. This opens the search page. I selected All Types in the Search In field; and I typed a species name in the Keyword(s) field. I then clicked on the Search button. I tried this a few times and discovered you don't want to be too specific to achieve the best results. For instance, Golden-cheek came back with the postings that had Golden-cheek as well as Golden-cheeked. Whooping Cranes produced no hits while Whoop produced several? I will keep refining this to insure the search will include all posting categories.