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Thread: Possible Monk Parakeet colony starting in Everman

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    Default Possible Monk Parakeet colony starting in Everman

    Received an email from Buck Buchanan, a former member and President of FWAS when I joined the chapter in 2000.
    Buck wanted to share he was 'out exploring' last week and came upon a pair of Monk Parakeets starting a nest on the northeast corner of the intersection of Wichita Street and Enon Avenue in Everman. (follow Wichita St. south of I-20. Wichita ends at Enon Ave.)
    When I looked at Google maps I see there is a Quickway Gas and Market on the NW corner, and some unidentified buildings on the NE corner with a few trees behind them. Buck did not add specifically where the nest is being built. So you might have to scan the trees to find them.
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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    I know there are some colonies right by the Fire Department/Police Station. You can park at the library and get a good look at them. Its right near W. Trammell Avenue and N. Race Street if anyone wants to go see them.

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    Yes, there have most definitely been Monk Parakeets in Everman for many years. I participated in a Texas A&M University Monk Parakeet study about 6 1/2 years back in Everman. There was a small group of them at one of the electrical substations not far from downtown where most of the birds are nesting. Very easy to observe. There were still a few active nests near the substation at Joel East Road and Wichita St this past Saturday.
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