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Thread: 2017 Southwestern Flyer Newsletters

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    Default 2017 Southwestern Flyer Newsletters

    Here are current and past issues of the chapter’s newsletters in PDF file format. Most of these files are between 200 KB to 1 MB in size. The download time is dependent on your internet connection speed. Right-click on the newsletter issue and your internet browser will download and open the newsletter. You may save a copy to your computer if you wish.

    Fort Worth Audubon Society Newsletter

    January, 2017
    March, 2017
    April, 2017
    May, 2017
    Summer, 2017
    September, 2017
    November, 2017
    December, 2017

    Note: A PDF viewer software program is needed to view these files. One of the most convenient (and free) is Adobe PDF Reader. It is available online at (Website layouts change quite frequently so you may have to scroll around on the homepage to find the free Adobe Reader download.)

    We will continue searching our archives to find more back-issues. If you have old copies not listed here, please send us a message so that we can borrow them to scan in. Thanks!

    Check back here to see what’s new.
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