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    While camping at Lake Tawakoni SP this weekend, I took a picture of what I thought at the time was a white-eyed vireo. After looking at the picture a little closer (read larger and with glasses) I am unsure of what I photographed at all.

    I am brand new to birding and photography. Please forgive the poor quality picture.


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    Okay, it seems no one wants to take a shot at this so l will. The angle from below and behind is unfortunately common in my experience and makes things difficult. Also, I believe that the bird's coloration is not accurately rendered because of the bright light and green surroundings.
    I would like to see the bill more clearly but the bold eye ring stands out and I see no wing bars. The only bird I can think of is a Nashville Warbler. It appears to have a lighter throat and very plain face.
    I hope this elicits comments from someone with more experience than I have.
    Thanks, Chuck

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    Thanks so far. I appreciate the direction.


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    For the record, that's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. I bet it was flitting all over the place. Giving details as to it's behavior, along with time and location, is always helpful in trying to identify a bird like this. The picture did make the ID difficult, and I would have agreed with Chuck had it not been for the white in the wings.

    Warmest regards, Michael

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    Nice. It was flitting around making it difficult to get a picture of it. I have never identified one of those before. I'm slowly learning how to take in more clues rather than just identifying by sight.

    I really appreciate the help. There is a really steep learning curve with birding. I had no idea how complex and almost addicting this new hobby would be.

    I am grateful for this forum and those who share their knowledge.


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    The bird in that picture is a female Yellow Warbler. Note the overall yellow color, both above and below, and the yellow edging to both the flight feathers and the coverts. Younger females regularly have a pale yellow eyering like this bird.

    Nashville Warbler would have had a gray head and a green back with even-colored wings and a white eyering. Ruby-crowned Kinglet would have a white eyering, a much drabber overall color, a strong white wingbar, and a much thinner bill.

    I regularly post on the Dallas Audubon forum but for some reason never thought to register for the Fort Worth forum until this week. I'm an ornithologist and do a lot of work on bird population studies, with a strong emphasis on fieldwork that involves banding, so I've had quite a few of all three of these species in hand.


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    Blaine is right! I was so blinded by the edging to the feathers that I didn't think about this possibility. I'm also not used to Yellow Warbler breeding areas and forgot to take into account this was at Lake Tawakoni. Old guys like me need to think better. ;-)

    Thank you Blaine - I am SO GLAD you corrected all of us!

    Regards, Michael

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    Thanks Blaine!! I can see that I have MUCH to learn.

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