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Thread: Flycatcher ID help

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    Default Flycatcher ID help

    This flycatcher was seen in Madera Canyon, AZ 4-22-17.
    The 3 flycatchers being seen in the area were Dusky,
    Hammond's and Pacific-slope. I know the picture is
    not great, but any help is appreciated.
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    My thoughts lean towards the Pacific-slope Flycatcher (PSFL).

    The PSFL has an Orange lower mandible. (neither of your other two choices have a lower orange bill.)

    The eye ring in your photo looks like it 'extends' to a point behind the eye. (But to be honest, I could be making out something that isn't easily seen in this view.) The other similar flycatchers have a round eye ring.

    Another flycatcher that I found in my resources that has some pinkish-orange at the base of the lower bill is the Gray Flycatcher. But it's eye ring is much paler and its lower underparts are more grayish white. However, the sun's reflection off the green foliage could give your photo the yellowish-green color. The Gray is also found and breeds in the southwest.

    If you have a flycatcher being cooperative (perched for a spell) watch for tail flicking. But if it sits that long you can usually get a better photo angle.

    Other suggestions?
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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    You are correct about the eye ring extending past the eye. It also had some yellow on the belly.
    Ruling out other birds is a big help. Thanks - Neita

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