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    Had a chance to visit for the first time North Holiday Park on Benbrook Lake. Saturday Libby and I spent a couple of hours there and then today hubby and I made the trip again. I wanted him to see what a pretty, well-kept park it was. The shoreline seems to go on forever. The green grass and gorgeous wildflowers made for a very pleasant afternoon. The strong wind both days brought the windsurfers much joy (and us too as we watched them), but limited the number of bird species we saw; nevertheless, we managed about 25 species each day. The Scissortails were out in force, and the Cardinals were at their brightest. One nice, long spit brought quite a nice variety of gulls (both Ringed-billed and Herring), many Forster's Terns, Snowy and Great Egrets, a White Pelican, and a couple of Great Blues. Double-crested Cormorants added to the mix.
    Today we were surprised to discover an Osprey, who flew over us with a catch of some kind and then back past us to land on a telephone pole to enjoy his dinner.
    If, like us, you haven't seen this park, take a couple of hours for a leisurely drive through it, especially while the wildflowers are still around!
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