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    Joe Cox sent me the following information:
    The Audubon site won't let me post anymore,so you can pass this on if you want.
    I found a small group of Cave Swallows apparently nesting under a flat, low clearance bridge (the kind they like) on Green Oaks Rd. between S.H.-183 (Alta Mere Dr.) and
    Ridgmar Blvd. There is a parking area behind a store on the west side of the road where one can get out of the way and watch for them to fly around. I only have a couple of
    previous sightings for the county but I've kept watching for a nest site. I didn't walk down into the creek bed to see any actual nests, but the way they were flying around seems
    to indicate that they are going to stay. J.C

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    Thanks for the information. I went over and got there at 11:00 and almost immediately spotted 4 swallows feeding over the creek. I had to watch for a while to get good enough views to be sure these were cave and not cliff swallows as I am not an expert. I eventually counted about 12 birds overhead and then they started flying under the road and also where the creek continues west and flows under the large parking lot. That spot truly is a "cave".
    1250 Green Oaks Road will get you right to the spot.

    Thanks again,

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