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Thread: Memberís Slide Show Meeting May 11, 2017

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    Default Memberís Slide Show Meeting May 11, 2017

    Did you go bird watching and take photos or video in some exotic locale or in your backyard during the last year? Please consider sharing your adventures with us at the May General Meeting Memberís Slide Show. Jim Jones will organize the material into a Power Point presentation for this meeting on May 11, 2017 and the deadline for getting your photos and videos to him is May 5, 2017. Please send your submissions by E-mail at, or deliver them on a USB thumb drive or CD at our April meeting. In recent years, several members have used online photo storage and sent Jim a link to them. Whatever your method, please be sure to include identification of the bird species or activity, and where the photo was taken. Also, please reduce the photo size before sending them. Many online sites will reduce the file size for you, but if you send them directly from your cameraís uploaded file they are usually very large and it takes lots of extra time for Jim to reduce multiple images before using them. If there are any questions, contact Jim by E-mail (

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    Please remember to send Jim your photo submissions by May 5, 2017.
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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