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Thread: Great Horned Owl at VCDB

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    Default Great Horned Owl at VCDB

    She (I'm assuming) is back at the Drying Beds. As is the custom she has appropriated a large Great Blue Heron nest and is visible from midway to almost the end of the entrance roadólooking west across the pond.
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    I visited the drying bed this morning (Sunday, 3-12-2017) looking for places to put up some bluebird boxes. It has been a few years that I have hiked over to the trail road that runs past the beds on the western edge. There used to be several bluebird boxes over there but now the wooden posts are gone. Oh well, I will keep looking for another good bluebird habitat.

    Anyway, back to the subject title: I stopped on the entrance road and scoped the Great Horned Owl nest. She might have a few nestlings. Both I and two other birders saw what looked like downy white feathers under the adult. The slight breeze made the temperature feel cold, that might be why we didn't see any small head(s) popping up for a look-see. Or our own hopes played tricks on what we thought we saw.
    Jim Jones
    Bedford, TX

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    I'm sure you are correct. I went by there one day last week and saw one small, whitish head pop up briefly—through a fellow birder's scope.

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