Some people wanted to expand their Tarrant County list. Some people were newbies wanting to become better birders and jump start their list. Some people just said "Why not?" Some people are just competitive. These were some of the reasons that people tried to do a big year in Tarrant County as part of Fort Worth Audubon's 75th anniversary celebration in 2016.

And there were some really good birds this year, too, such as Ash-throated Flycatcher, Brown Booby, Pyrrhuloxia, Burrowing Owl, Caracara, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Lark Bunting and Great Kiskadee. It was a good year for hummingbirds, Purple Finch, and longspurs.

We began the year with breakfast at IHOP and ended with a celebration lunch at Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant. Doesn't get much better than birds, food, companionship and fun. For a complete species list go to to check it out!

Thanks to all who participated in all or part of our Tarrant County Big Year and here are the results:

1) Charley Amos with 224 species

2) Missy McAllister-Kerr with 215 species

3) Gail Morris with 211 species

4) Chuck Baskin with 193 species

5) Mary Lee Johnson with 154 species

6) Thomas Haase with 147 species

7) Hesper Fang with 139 species

8) Richard Hix with 117 species

9) Karen Trost with 80 species

10) Kristy Simon with 75 species