Native plants are the foundation of the ecosystem that our beautiful birds depend on—they provide food, shelter, and places for birds to nest. Native plants also help birds weather the effects of climate change, and they reduce pollution and water use, promoting more healthy habitats for birds. That’s why hundreds of Audubon chapters promote the use of native plants and run native plant programs.

Together, we want to take that message to even more people, and that’s what the Plants for Birds campaign is all about. We’ve set an initial goal of engaging 50,000 people to plant 1,000,000 new native plants.

What will you find on the website ( Here’s a short list:
• A 60-second video and articles about why native plants are important for birds

• A first-of-its-kind searchable database that highlights garden-friendly native plants for specific ZIP codes (and the bird groups that depend on those plants)

• Local Audubon chapters and Audubon centers with native plant services

• Native plant nurseries and suppliers

• Ways to sign up, get involved, and learn more

In addition to this new initiative and tools from National Audubon listed above, FWAS also recommends checking out the links to resources on the website of the North Central Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas as follows: