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Thread: Texas Pollinator PowWow conference April 22-24

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    The Texas Pollinator PowWow pollinator conservation conference is coming to the Panhandle on April 22-24 at the Museum of Texas Tech and at Tahoka Lake. We'd love to see you there. We're always looking for like-minded folks who share our conservation concerns and are eager to learn and make new acquaintanceships. Please take a look at some of our speakers listed in the PDF file you can access by clicking on the following link: We think you'll agree with us that they are exceptional. There's a couple more speakers we couldn't squeeze on this page, not counting our outstanding Tahoka prairie/playa lake field trip leaders. And a few more participating institutions, too. Click on the link to our website (see below) to learn more and to sign yourself up!

    This western Texas conference is designed to appeal to natural resource managers, researchers, naturalists, nearly all of the -ologists, government and academic and NGO personnel, farmers and ranchers and vintners and orchardists, master gardeners and agronomists, beekeepers and plantsmen, and even those who would just call themselves "pollinator enthusiasts". We have a lot of good information to share. Did you know, for example, that a recent study in the Panhandle shows a 17% increase in cotton yield when the field is bordered by wild bees? Yes. Seventeen percent. We don't know about you, but we'd love to have a 17% pay raise! Did you know that you can cost-share your land for conservation practices, and then turn around and earn money as income by providing for monarch butterflies when you do that? Just like a deer lease! Did you know that another recent study shows that you can take the edges of your crop land out of production, plant it for pollinators, and still have an increase in crop yield- even with LESS crop land?! Did you know that bats, our friends against crop pests and harmful insects, used to be twelve species in number in the Panhandle- and that we can restore them as our helpers by making a few adjustments? Did you know that every one of the pollinator conservation measures we are promoting will save water, clean water, and store water in the aquifer AND on your own yard or land?

    Like we said, we have a lot to share. Please contact any one of me if you have questions. And let your friends and neighbors know. Our pre-registration deadline is April 12th. Come one, both or three days. We thank you.

    See ya'll soon!

    Carrie McLaughlin
    682-459-1684 (c)
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