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Thread: Texans leading the way to save Monarch Butterflies

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    Default Texans leading the way to save Monarch Butterflies

    The National Wildlife Federation has appointed a Monarch Outreach Specialist to work with cities, municipalities, and citizens. Her name is Grace Barnett, and her first official duties include enlisting Texas mayors to take the "Mayors' Monarch Pledge” to help counter threats to the great annual Monarch migration. Mayors are invited to promote milkweed planting on public landscapes, through city initiatives, and by citizens. Austin Mayor Steve Adler has already signed up.

    Please help us out in this effort by sending E-mails to your city council representative and the mayor asking them to sign-on to the this Mayors' Monarch Pledge", and please read the full article in the following link:

    Thank you, the Fort Worth Audubon Society (FWAS)
    Regards, Michael Francis, FWAS President

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    Good news! Thanks to your efforts, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price signed the "Mayors' Monarch Pledge" on November 23rd. Next on the agenda, members of local community groups will be meeting on January 8th to develop the first ever Fort Worth Monarch Conservation Plan. More good stuff to come...

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