Would you like it if part of what you spent at the supermarket went to help out the Fort Worth Audubon Society? Have you wished that Tom Thumb would kick some money back to FWAS like Kroger does? Well, your wish is now a reality.

Tom Thumb's "Rewards Card" can be linked to charities such as FWAS so that a tiny portion of what you spend at Tom Thumb is doled out to those charities. Here, following, is a link to the to Tom Thumb "Good Neighbor" program you can sign up for to make sure the dollars you are going to spend anyway go towards helping out a worthy cause. First, here's a link to the form you'll need to complete: http://www.tomthumb.com/CMS/includes...odNeighbor.PDF

Just complete the above listed form, add in the FWAS Charity # 13383 on that form, then drop off the completed form to the service desk at your local Tom Thumb store.

That's all! Simple, huh? And best of all, you don't have to keep re-linking the charity of your choice to your Rewards Card every single year like you have to with the Kroger Club Card.