Are you one of our great Field Trip Leader volunteers?
FWAS now has two Field Trip Leader Kits for you to borrow.

Each kit is in a small Tote Box and includes:
4 pairs of binoculars (roof prism design / 7 X 42);
2 Birding Field Guides
Field Trip Sign-in Sheets

If you are leading a trip and expect new birders to join you, they may not have their own binoculars (or, as in a recent case, they may show up with a pair of WW II 20 X 50 binoculars issued to Navy ship personnel! Try focusing those on a warbler....)

This kit will be easy to throw into your vehicle's trunk. Having these will make our chapter very popular with new birders!

Contact one of the Board Members about 1 week in advance and we will arrange to get a kit delivered to you.