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Thread: Painted (?) Redstart at Bentsen-Rio Grande SP

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    Default Painted (?) Redstart at Bentsen-Rio Grande SP

    Saw this on Texbirds:

    Subject: Painted Redstart At Bentsen State Park
    From: John Ebner <john.ebner AT SBCGLOBAL.NET>
    Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 16:59:38 -0600

    About noon today, we observed a Painted Redstart at Bentsen RGV State
    Park/World Birding Center. He was at the first feeding station past the
    Nature Center. Also present at that same location was a very light
    colored (Almost White) American Goldfinch. Not the only birds but the
    most interesting of the day.
    John Ebner
    Mission, TX

    TEXBIRDS help file and Texas birding links at:

    Wouldn't this bird be unusual there? NARBA has it under non-review species - I thought this was a more western bird, like Arizona west. Or am I missing something and this is not an unusual bird there....

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    Painted Redstart is a very rare and far out of range bird for the Lower Rio Grande Valley but not unprecedented. Most of us have probably gotten our "Texas" Painted Redstart in the Chisos Mountains where it is still very hit or miss.

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