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  1. Finally!!! Water pumping in to the village creek drying beds!!!!!

    I got a phone call from a friend, and the person who was very instrumental in expediting the process of getting water back in the Beds. A very articulate letter was written Jan. 1st to Betsy Price...
  2. I see videos of this every year from our...

    I see videos of this every year from our customers at WBU. Do you have suet out? It may have laid claim to your yard if there is a food source and its reflection is the interloper. I put out Bark...
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    Village Creek Drying Beds today

    It was exactly 3 years ago today that water was pumped into the Beds. I had posted a video then, and today it is completely gone. Although, the second cut-through road was full of sparrows, and there...
  4. Little Warbler Fallout, River Legacy Park

    I set out today late, around 1:00 p.m., and came upon a bit of a fallout. I ran into a couple other birders, and together we saw, American Redstarts, Black throated Green, Black and White, Nashville,...
  5. Dried up at the Village Creek Drying Beds

    2424Today, as I approached the last bed with any water in it, Bed 18, there was very little happening, and it is almost completely dried up. There were just a few Least Sandpipers, some female...
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    Yellow Warblers

    I saw a couple Yellow Warblers after work in my backyard today. I live in N. Arlington, close to Village Creek Drying Beds. Has anyone else seen any yet?
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    Thanks Jim. I didn't know them, but I am glad to...

    Thanks Jim. I didn't know them, but I am glad to read your post, and happy they made such an impression on the birding community. R.I.P. Bev.
  8. SO many White Ibis at Village Creek Drying Beds

    It seemed every bed with water at VCDB's had White Ibis in it. The "stink pile" was especially popular. If anyone goes at this point of the season, I HIGHLY recommend at least 2-3 bottles of water, a...
  9. Tri-Colored Heron and Yellow-headed Blackbirds at Village Creek Drying Beds

    2383Late afternoon, I went to the Village Creek Drying Beds in N. Arlington to see this Tri-colored Heron that was reported, and also saw some Yellow-headed Blackbirds that was pointed out to me by...
  10. Wilson's Phalarope at Village Creek Drying Beds, Arlington

    I only did a short "power birding" moment this morning with time constraints, but I wanted to see what the storm brought in. I came across several Wilson's Phalarope's in the main pond, standing...
  11. 2333 For those who missed it. In good care now.


    For those who missed it. In good care now.
  12. I heard today, the Long Eared Owl will be...

    I heard today, the Long Eared Owl will be relocated to Black Prairie Raptor Center tomorrow. Poor thing has vision problems. Cheryl is bringing it by Wild Birds Unlimited in Arlington tomorrow, Wed....
  13. Long-eared Owl rescue at Viridian Community, Arlington, TX

    I heard from Charley Amos today, that a bird rescuer, Cheryl Fenske, had a Long Eared Owl that was turned in. It was found at the Viridian Community yesterday I believe, with an injured wing , and...
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    Village Creek Drying Beds at night

    23212322Here is what the birding hotspot, Village Creek Drying Beds looks like as a full moon rises.
  15. Black-bellied plover at Viridian Community yesterday evening

    Colby Ayers called to let me know he found a Black-bellied Plover at the Viridian Community at the end of the road in. It would fly to a dirt pile, and back to the waters edge. Charley Amos was also...
  16. Kicked out of the Village Creek Drying Beds today:(

    The gates were closed after 9:00 a.m. when I entered the beds around the wall. I heard we were allowed in to bird again. I passed a photographer that had been there since 6:30 a.m. I was not...
  17. Bald Eagle seen at Viridian Community on 157 (Collins St.) in Arlington

    As I walked River Legacy on the paved trail under the 157 bridge heading East, I turned around, and looked down another paved path that takes you around the large pond into the Viridian Community....
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    Lazuli Bunting at River Legacy Park

    This morning, there was a report of a Lazuli Bunting at River Legacy from Jim Sipiora. I went in the East entrance, off 157. I drove all the way to the back, and off the paved trail in, it sat...
  19. Great Turn Out at the Village Creek Drying Beds with Jim Sipiora

    The last two field trips with Jim turned out to be perfect weather, and great birds! If you haven't ever done this field trip, every second Wed. of the month, I recommend it:)22572258
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    Great morning of birding with Jim Sipiora

    If you haven't been on one of Jim's field trips, you should. There is so much to see at the Village Creek Drying Beds in N. Arlington. This photo was taken today. Thanks Jim! Always a great group of...
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    Great Horned Owl in nest at VCDB's

    I went to Village Creek Drying Beds at sunset Friday night, and saw a Great Horned Owl has claimed a nest of a Great Blue Heron on the S.W. levy. I was able to view walking out, heading toward the...
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    Late Ruby-throated Hummingbird

    This is the 3rd week or so a Ruby-throat has been visiting my back yard. It is now October 25th, and he won't leave. It has the tip of its lower bill snapped off, and the top is curved downward (not...
  23. Warblers galore at River Legacy Park, Arlington, TX

    This morning I started birding about 8:30 a.m. in River Legacy Park. I parked at the first parking lot to the right just past the main entrance, and took the trail in along the creek just behind the...
  24. Piping Plover still present this afternoon. I was...

    Piping Plover still present this afternoon. I was able to read band info. I reported it, and it was banded in North or South Dakota. I was also approached by security last night and told I could not...
  25. Piping Plover still present at Viridian Community in N. Arlington

    2208Charley Amos and I found the Piping Plover still present this morning (8-24-15) at Viridian. It has a yellow band on its leg. Sure wish someone with a good lense (Randy) would get the band info...
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