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  1. Interesting reports from the first week of October and onset of Fall.

    Here in Bedford, my bird bath has really been busy with some surprising visitors:

    On 10/1 thru 10/3, a flock of 20+ Yellow Warblers invaded the fountain. They took advantage of the Chinese Maple...
  2. Reminder that the October General Meeting will be...

    Reminder that the October General Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 21, at 10:00AM.

    There will not be a meeting this Thursday evening.
  3. Eagle Optics is closing on December 31,2017

    Normally, I would not make an announcement for a business on the FWAS webpage.
    But I recently learned through several postings on TexBirds that Eagle Optics is closing their on-line sports optics...
  4. April, 2018: "Birding the Border" hosted by TX A&M AgriLife Extension

    We received the following announcement in our FWAS Contact email:

    Hello Fort Worth Audubon,

    I am a Wildlife Specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and I would like...
  5. ''CANCELLED:" Fieldtrip: 9/2/2017: Richland Creek WMA North Unit

    Fieldtrip: Richland Creek WMA, North Unit wetlands
    Date: Saturday, September 2, 2017
    Trip Leader: Jim Jones
    Duration: 3/4 day
    RSVP: trip is limited to 16 participants / 4...
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    Hidden Falls Clean-up Day, July 29, 2017

    Stephanie George is inviting FWAS volunteers to join her for a Hidden Falls Clean-up event on Saturday, July 29, 2017.
    We will begin at 8:00 AM.

    Hidden Falls is located below the Lake Worth Dam...
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    I received an email from Tom and Betsy Strother...

    I received an email from Tom and Betsy Strother who knew Bev and Lee Clauser for many years:
    We were sorry to hear of the passing of Bev. My wife Betsy and I were very active in FWAS...
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    Sad news from Longhollow Ranch

    I am sharing the sad news that Bev Clauser of Erath County passed away on Monday, June 14, 2017. Many of our current Fort Worth Audubon community knew Bev and her husband Lee from our annual...
  9. Local non-profit asks for help on selecting types of nesting boxes

    Hi. We received a request from Camp Carter YMCA of Ft. Worth. ( They asked if anyone in our organization has knowledge about attracting Purple Martins and putting up nest...
  10. Thread: Kingbird ID

    by JimJones

    Hi Chris, The bird you photographed is a Western...

    Hi Chris,
    The bird you photographed is a Western Kingbird. Significant differences to observe between a Western and a Couch's is how much of the belly and breast is yellow. As you saw in your...
  11. Archived older posts on Forum and using Search for post topics

    As some of you have noticed, we occasionally will move older Forum postings to the Archive. I finished moving all posts in the Bird Observation & Reports folders prior to 2015 to the Bird...
  12. Possible Monk Parakeet colony starting in Everman

    Received an email from Buck Buchanan, a former member and President of FWAS when I joined the chapter in 2000.
    Buck wanted to share he was 'out exploring' last week and came upon a pair of Monk...
  13. Group Photo of the folks who went to Chalk Mountain in 2017

    Hi everyone,
    Here is the group photo taken with my little point & shoot camera while up on the escarpment on the Brown Property on Chalk Mountain. We are missing Carol T. who stayed behind near the...
  14. Trip Report - 5/27/17: Longhollow Ranch & Brown Property near Glen Rose

    19 folks took part in this year's visit to Chalk Mountain. For the first time in several years I fell through on my promise to produce the targeted birds for easy viewing. You know, sitting up on a...
  15. Mississippi Kites back in numbers in Bedford neighborhood

    I was beginning to worry that the Mississippi Kites which have been yearly visitors for over 15 years may have moved on. I did not see any up until May 3rd. Then a whole group arrived. They seem to...
  16. Eastern Screech-owls nesting in Bedford yard

    I've been listening and reporting screech-owls near our home for several years.
    A pair nested for a few years in a row on the street behind ours.
    One even slept on a neighbor's porch for 4-years...
  17. Please remember to send Jim your photo...

    Please remember to send Jim your photo submissions by May 5, 2017.
  18. Longhollow Ranch & Brown Property Fieldtrip: Saturday, May 27, 2017

    Please join Jim Jones for our annual field trip to Longhollow Ranch and the Brown Property near Glen Rose, TX, on May 27, 2017. The Brown Property is a recognized International Global Important Bird...
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    My thoughts lean towards the Pacific-slope...

    My thoughts lean towards the Pacific-slope Flycatcher (PSFL).

    The PSFL has an Orange lower mandible. (neither of your other two choices have a lower orange bill.)

    The eye ring in your photo...
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    I visited the drying bed this morning (Sunday,...

    I visited the drying bed this morning (Sunday, 3-12-2017) looking for places to put up some bluebird boxes. It has been a few years that I have hiked over to the trail road that runs past the beds on...
  21. 2017 Fort Worth Regional Science & Engineering Fair report

    On Monday, February 20, 2017, five volunteers from FWAS joined Jim Jones to judge student science and engineering projects for a Conservation Award at the 2017 Fort Worth Regional Science and...
  22. Some Red-bellied Woodpeckers setting up a home in my Bedford backyard

    Thanks to the warm weather, we have opened the windows to air out the house. Yesterday morning I heard a muffled tapping noise coming from the direction of the neighbor's backyard. Grabbed the binos...
  23. Photo and video from 1/28/2017

    Amy Richards sent me these photos of the Bald Eagles we saw at Hagerman last Saturday.
    Amy also shared a link to a YouTube video of what it is like in a Snow (goose) storm.
    Go here to watch the...
  24. Hagerman NWR Fieldtrip Report for 1/28/2017

    Thirteen brave souls joined me for an all-day mid-winter visit to Hagerman Wildlife Nature Refuge on Saturday, 1/28/2017. The refuge is about 11 miles west of Sherman near the Red River. The day...
  25. ***FULL***Hagerman Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Field Trip, Saturday, January 28, 2017

    Fieldtrip Announcement
    Where: Hagerman Federal Wildlife Refuge, west of Sherman, TX
    When: Saturday, January 28, 2017
    Departure time from Ft. Worth area to be determined after...
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