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  1. County Map showing Area for North-Central Texas reporting
  2. Young and Palo Pinto county for the new year
  3. Another rarity for Palo Pinto county
  4. Tundra Swans and White-winged Scoter at Ray Roberts SP Johnson Unit 1-18-15
  5. some more uncommon birds in Palo Pinto county
  6. Even more uncommon to rare birds in Palo Pinto county
  7. Early arrival Purple Martin
  8. Lake Mineral Wells on 2.21.15
  9. Western Palo Pinto county trip 3/14/15
  10. March 28th Possum Kingdom trip with PTAS and since
  11. Golden Plover, Golden-cheeked Warbler in Palo Pinto County
  12. Lake Tucker, near Strawn, Texas
  13. Brown Property IBA (Longhollow Ranch), Erath County, 4-18-15 trip report
  14. Bronzed Cowbird again at Lake Whitney
  15. western Tanager
  16. snowy plover
  17. Northern Bobwhite Quails
  18. Black-and-white Warblers
  19. Summary of Whitt mtn B.B.S. in Palo Pinto county.
  20. Lone pelican in Weatherford
  21. Lake Possum Kingdom area
  22. Exciting finds at Pk
  23. Trip to Throckmorton
  24. Lake Eddleman, Graham, Tx
  25. Pyrruhloxia at PK
  26. Purple Finches
  27. more Pyrruloxias, now being seen at Lake Palo Pinto
  28. Couch's Kingbird in McKinney, TX