Uvalde/Junction Fieldtrip

Birders, Bats & Wildflowers, Oh My! I've lived in Texas since early 1970s and have never seen the wildflowers like they are this year (2010). The close-up viewing of the bats was astounding. We could even hear their wings fluttering. Tropical Parula was an added bonus at the lovely spot of Ft. Clark Springs. I'm hoping Julie is able to share her video of the bat cave!
  1. Stunning flowers - not photographer!
  2. The gang continues on the trail.  Golden-cheeked warbler awaiting us!
  3. Just a roadside filled.
  4. going 70 mph, it's just a blue blur!
  5. just a piece of beauty
  6. Rhandy Helton was an awesome local leader.  Mary Lee was the awesome fieldtrip organizer!
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